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Wiyono Rustam (04 Jan 2014)
hari ini saya membeli mouse gaming Mazer type - L di store Hi-Tech Mall. Barang yang diterima dan pelayanan sangat bagus, hanya saja sayang harga di toko lebih mahal dari harga di website.

Heru Sutanto (19 Sep 2012)
saya baru beli modem CDMA type EC1261-2 seharga 300rb murah dan unlock juga dan ada free 1 bulan paketan smartfren trus di coba pakai flexi cepat banget loh speednya buat download dan upload

Arief Budiman (21 Jan 2012)
maaf pak apakah pricelist diatas sudah termasuk harga dieler...?..terimakasih

Rony Agus Wijaya (20 May 2011)
harigato gozaimas, Xie Boss, tgl 3 Mei 2011 beli modem Huawei EC1260 USB CDMA Evdo (unlock) 539rb terjangkau sekalee. sinyal ama speed ngacir abis neh GBU

Julian Wang (15 Oct 2010)
saya membeli e-blue jrijime pada 11 october 2010 dan diantar pada hari itu juga. pelayanan cepat dan ada diskon pula. tetapi ada 1 kekurangan yaitu kondisi display sudah baret-baret halus dan sedikit kotor. selain itu, perfect! :)

Product Specification :

SP302 merges delicacy, portability and good sound quality into one body.
Because we use high quality aluminum alloy enclosure, SP302ís electronic music performance is more solid and strict than other mini speakers.
The feel of sound is steady and grand, and the intermediate frequency is warm and thick, showing the abundant sentiments of the singer.

Stylish or Design

The Fantastic appearance of SP 302 converges peopleí attention to you by the Brush-Aluminum outer case. you can say that as a design, but it also is a style.

Special Bass Reflection.

The bass is solid and full, without the feel of boring or losing details. The 3.5mm audio input supports various mobile phones, MP3 players and laptop computers. The automatically telescopic line eliminates the restriction and realizes a perfect portability scheme.

As Portable as your Laptop

With the extra lightweight, unifying design that stay with your notebook computer bag.
The enzatec SP 302 is as portable as your computer. and it lets you immerse yourself in rich, full stereo sound for your music, movies, video call, and more from a single USB connection-without the need of any external power source.


Bass enhancing technology.
The Bass enhancing technology is used to strength the bass that canít play in Normal speaker.
Fine aluminum alloy enclosure.
The Aluminum outer shell is processed by a Brush technology to make it shiny.
Built-in rechargeable lithium battery.
Build-in Lithium Rechargeable Battery, 4 Hrs playback time.
Automatically telescopic line.
Retractable cable system Build-in , adjustable cable length.
Specification :

Sound Dimension : 82*52*52mm.
Material : Composite materials.
Weight : 243 g.
Sensitivity : 89 dB +/- 3.
Signal to Noise Ratio : 60 dB.
Frequency Response : 60-20K Hz.
Rated Power : 2.5 w.
Maximum Input Power : 5 w.

Connection :
Cable Connection : 1 x Stereo Line.
Cable Length : 800 mm.
Connector : 3.5 mm Stereo.

Available Color :
- Black
- Orange
- Purple

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Ukuran Packaging: 23x22x8
Brand: Enzatec

Produk ditambahkan pada: Friday, 15 June 2012


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